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  • Lightest tender in its class

  • Emission-free thanks to e-drive

  • Very efficient catamaran design

  • Stable at high speed

  • Compact size, low height

  • Flexible layout, individual equipment

  • Highest quality, made in Germany


The YTender is optimised for dinghy garages and fits perfectly in there. It has a low height and a compact size due to its catamaran construction. When boarding it the YTender lies extremely stable in the water.



YYachts come in different lengths - from 22 to almost 30 metres. Accordingly, the YTender is also available in two versions: the 3.65-metre version (without tubes) weighs only 170 kilograms, the 4.30-metre version only 60 kilograms more.



The YTender's air tube can be emptied or filled in just 45 seconds. When empty, the length of the tender is thus reduced by 35 centimetres, resulting in a better pack size. The necessary electric pumps are integrated into the YTender.



Designed as a catamaran, the YTender is very stable in the water. At the same time, it can reach high speeds while consuming little energy. Hydrodynamically, it is simply very efficient underway.



You don't always want to moor up at a comfortable jetty in the middle of the action. And there is not always one available. That's why the YTender can land directly on the beach.



The tender must of course match the YYacht it belongs to. Colours, fabrics and surfaces of the YTender can be designed and selected entirely according to your ideas.


Configure your Tender

The configurator is used to visualize the product and selected options. Options, colors and materials may differ from the actual product. The manufacturer assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information contained in the configurator.

YTender from YYachts cruising, side view

Low weight

Of course, the YTender is also manufactured to be as weight-saving as possible. For sailing yachts like the ones YYachts builds, it is the lightest dinghy in its class.

In the carbon version, the smaller of the two YTenders weighs only 170 kilograms. The larger version weighs just 60 kilograms more. The low weight ensures that the Tender is extremely efficient and, for example, that the battery capacity lasts longer, thus increasing the range.

YTender from YYachts cruising, top view

Flexible size

YYachts come in different lengths - from 22 to almost 30 metres. Accordingly, the YTender is also available in two versions, measuring 3.65 respectively 4.30 metres.

With the two sizes, most owners can be offered the largest possible dinghy. The YTender in 3.65 metres length (3.30 m without tube) fits perfectly into the garage of the Y7, the larger one in 4.35 metres length (4.0 m without tube) into that of the Y9. Both sizes are perfectly suitable for transfers and excursions and accommodate at least six people. As usual with YYachts, the tenders are launched over the boom and brought back on board.

Close-up of people on YTender from YYachts

Purposeful layout

By placing the steering position in the front area of the YTender, the stern can be designed and used very flexibly.

Every owner has slightly different requirements for his tender and therefore the YTender can be adapted exactly to the needs of its user. Either two benches are installed in the stern to accommodate at least six people. However, the stern can just as easily be adapted to customers who are enthusiastic about diving or fishing, or it can be designed purely as a working boat.

People on YTender from YYachts

Without emissions

YTenders will be equipped with a fully electric drive to meet YYachts' sustainable mission. A good range and a short charging time characterise the set-up.

With a 12-kilowatt electric outboard, the smaller YTender can travel up to 15 nautical miles non-stop at nine knots; the larger YTender, with two 12-kilowatt drives, can travel 20 nautical miles at eight knots. This covers almost all possible uses - no owner goes much further than these distances with his tender; even if the yacht and thus the dinghy are much larger than the YTender.

Of course, the YTender is also available with a conventional outboard drive.

Close-up of steering wheel on YTender from YYachts

High quality

The YTender is built entirely in Germany, ensuring a high level of vertical integration. YYachts' keep-it-simple philosophy also applies to it: a product must be reduced to what is necessary without restricting comfort.

The fewer failure-prone components are installed on a boat or yacht, the fewer sources of error and the fewer days of downtime there are. At the same time, YYachts and also the YTender are equipped in such a way that their owners do not miss any comfort.

The construction of the YTender is also organised in a simple and straightforward manner to live up to YYachts' "keep it simple" philosophy. Wherever possible, processes are digitalised. The credo of the experienced staff is: Only tenders that they themselves would take on a world tour leave the shipyard.


3.65m / 3.30m (deflated tubes)


1.80m / 1.55m (deflated tubes)




230 kg (without engine)


from 39.700 €


Navigation lights
Stainless steel rack & Cooling bag




1 or 2 x 12 KW (e-drive)


hydraulic steering


Custom Upholstery

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